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How We Work?

Hands-On Ownership or Passive/Active Franchise Investing

We provide the education, coaching, resources and support you need to properly evaluate select franchise business opportunities as you seek the opportunity that best fits your skill sets, interests, goals and resources. Certain franchises lend themselves to passive/active ownership. We specifically target those opportunities within our portfolio.

Franchising offers individuals the opportunity to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. You are buying into a proven system. The Franchiser is there to provide support with all the different functions of the business. They have seen the issues that can arise in their business and know how to deal with any problems effectively. Prior to your opening, they provide your management extensive initial training and support so you're well prepared to handle whatever comes. They can also provide advertising and marketing support to help build your business faster.


The most significant benefit to franchising is the reduced level of risk. This comes from a franchise system's brand recognition and proven method of doing business. The process of identifying and acquiring the right franchise business can be a daunting task (there are thousands out there!). You can waste hundreds of hours of your time and you can make very costly mistakes if you try to do it on your own. Our expertise capitalizes on over 100 years of combined executive management, consulting, coaching, and franchise experience to save you time, to help you assemble and lead your own Success Team and to help you avoid making costly mistakes.

We've done a lot of the homework for you. We have pre-screened hundreds of companies from all areas of business. They must meet the exacting standards we have set to be included in our inventory. We do all of this so we can offer the franchise opportunity that will be the "best fit" for you.

We provide all the information a potential business owner needs to find the opportunity that fits their goals, plus we already know many of the safest, strongest and most lucrative opportunities in business today, a task that can take months for someone outside the industry. Our goal, quite simply, is to make you a more informed, smarter buyer and to help you become a successful multiunit franchise business owner!

There is no risk and no obligation when you add us to your Success Team! As our client you do not pay for the services that we offer. You will pay the published price for any franchise just as if you had gone directly to the franchiser. The franchiser absorbs our marketing costs. Our coaching service is free. Your franchise fees or business purchase price will not be greater if you choose to use our service. The franchisers respect the processes we follow and recognize the quality and fit of clients we refer. This uniquely creates a win-win scenario for the investor and the franchiser.

When you sign up for your Free Consultation with one of our consultants, you will be on your way to finding the right franchise business opportunity for you.  After you complete our initial questionnaire, you will have a personal interview with one of our consultants. We will work with you to candidly and objectively review your skill sets, goals, passions and resources. Based on your qualifications, we will give you referrals to the available franchise opportunities that appear to be the best fit for you.