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Our Ten Step Program

 1: Contact Us
 2: Consultation
 3: Research
 4: Presentation
 5: Meet Franchisor
 6: Review the FDD
 7: Call Franchisees
 8: Attend a Discovery Day
 9: Make Decision
10: Consult Attorney

Contact Us
As our services are free, there is no cost in learning about what significant ROI opportunities are available to you. The first step is to fill out our "Client Profile" form. Once that has been done and submitted via the web, one of our coordinators will call you to verify your information. During this initial conversation with our coordinator, they will add additional notes or insights that you provide. With this information our coordinators will assign the appropriate consultant to assist you. As we value your privacy, your provided information is always kept confidential. [up]


Once our coordinator has verified some basic information with you, your file is transferred to a franchise consultant who will then contact you within 24-48 hours. During this stage, the franchise consultant reviews with you the information initially gathered by the coordinator, as well as, gathers the necessary information to ensure you are matched with a franchise that fits who you are (i.e. what are you past skills, what types of qualifying franchises are available in your geographic area, and what type of industries are a good fit for you). The goal of a franchise consultant is not to place you in any franchise, but to place you in a “Best Fit” franchise that will accomplish your goals and ROI objectives taking into consideration your risk tolerance and geographic area. [up]

Based on the information collected during your consultation, the franchise consultant will begin a thorough research into the various franchise opportunities available that match your stated goals and abilities. There may be several qualifying franchises; this process is designed for “Best Fit”. The beautiful part of this is that the consultants do all the leg work for you. Once the research is complete, the consultant will present you with the best 1-3 franchises that match your goals and interests. [up]

During this stage, the consultant presents the opportunities that have been identified as a good fit for you and sets up an introductory meeting with the franchisor. This meeting may require that you complete and submit our confidential questionnaire for the franchisor that let's them know that you are interested in receiving some more detailed information. During this process we convey to the franchisor that you are financially qualified to purchase franchises and that your time frame to buy is within reasonable limits. This step does not oblige you in any way; it simply shows the franchisor that you are a serious person wanting some information. [up]

Meet Franchisor
For each franchise that you express interest in, a meeting with the franchisor may be arranged. During this meeting, any questions and concerns you may have will be answered and addressed. We will arrange for the franchisor to send you additional materials that may assist you in the decision making process. A FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) is sent to you that fully discloses the franchise business plan and is governed by the FTC. The FDD receipt should be signed and returned immediately. [up]

Review FDD

Once you have received a FDD from the franchisor, your consultant will thoroughly discuss the contents of the FDD answering any questions you may have. Should there be any items that need changing, you will work closely with your consultant to ensure these changes are discussed and made. The FDD will contain a list of franchisees and contact information in order to talk with them and discuss their experiences. [up]

Call Franchisees
As with any big decision you make in life, it is recommended that you check references. The franchisor you are interested in will provide you a list of people, like yourself, that have become successful in a similar franchise. It is your responsibility to call these references to ask questions about how the franchise became or remains successful. This is just an extra step you can take to ensure peace of mind in your journey towards becoming a franchise owner. [up]

Attend Discovery Day

Most franchisors have a Discovery Day where they invite prospective investors to visit a specific franchise location and see how the franchise is run. You will not only get crucial information to assist in making your decision, but will get to meet the staff that will potentially be training you on how to set up and run your franchise. [up]

Make Decision
Upon completing diligence it is time for you to make a decision. Should you choose franchising as an investment strategy, you will have taken the necessary steps towards becoming franchise owner. You will enjoy the benefits of being a business owner while not having to recreate the wheel- just follow a proven system for the benefit of your personal and professional goals. [up]

Consult Attorney
You should always consult with an attorney before purchasing a business. It is important that they have a background in franchising to ensure that you are covered in every way to benefit your position. [up]