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At FranCnsult, our firm also specializes in Passive/Active business ownership of select proven franchises where our clients work on not in the businesses.

Why franchising as our vehicle?

Today there are limited opportunities given acceptable levels of risk to generate double digit returns, leverage investment, and accumulate wealth in real estate, bonds, and the commodities or stock market.
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What makes FranCnsult unique?
Solving the puzzle of owning a franchise as an investment. A franchise... View Detail

How much does it cost to use the services of FranCnsult?
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How will FranCnsult find the best franchise for me?
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We provide the education, coaching, resources and support you need to properly evaluate select franchise business opportunities as you seek the opportunity that best fits your skill sets, interests.... Read More

FranCnsult provides it’s clients the coaching, due diligence, and negotiations support to find business opportunities with the potential for superior annual returns and asset appreciation.

The real estate market is in recession, property values still dropping; most houses are on the market for well over a year. The stock market is a risky, bearish, and short sell fund modeling driven. Interest rates are at record lows. Where can an Investor get a good return on investment?

For a growing number of investors, the answer is franchising. Select franchises offer demonstrated verifiable annual historical returns on investment from 10% to 25%. The franchising industry itself is robust, generating more than $1.4 trillion a year in revenue. As the franchise industry continues to become a much larger part of the US economy, the sheer volume of entrepreneurs joining it’s ranks grows exponentially every year.

The most significant benefit to franchising is the reduced level of risk.  Entrepreneurs like investing in a proven system. Franchises can offer brand recognition, a proven method of doing business, and excellent support.

Our firm specializes in finding those select franchises that are strong concepts, have sound management, typically have the potential to yield double digit ROI’s, many also lend themselves to passive/active ownership. Passive/Active is where you work on not in the business. You hire management, then approve, and oversee their activities. Your concern is not the widget but driving asset value growth and annual ROI.

Rollover 401 K And IRA into a Franchise Business!
  • No Debt
  • No Penalties
  • Tax Deferred
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